Sunday, 28 June 2015

How "Buried Treasure" was made

This is a documentary of how William Hughes put together his piece Buried Treasure for the M.U.D Exhibition, Constructed from porcelain objects recreated from everyday items like plastic cups, paper plates and chip boxes.

Skeak Peak 2

A quick sneak peak at the work of Jasmine Storey, you can see the fill video work at the M.U.D exhibition until Thursday. This piece is a must watch.

Sneak Peak

A sneak peak at the work of Lewis Latham which can be seen in full at the M.U.D exhibition until Thursday.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Work is Up

The Exhibition is now live, so come down and see our work in the flesh. I have taken a number of photographs to show you what work is being shown in the exhibition. A lot of the work is also for sale so pop down and grab yourself a beautiful piece of art with a real story behind it.
Leanne Shipley

William Hughes
'Buried Treasure'

Leanne Freeman
a collection of bowls 

Lewis Latham
''Life to the max

Jill Warsop
'Bird men of Grantham'

Tony Halstead
up-cycled insects  

Andrew Stewart
'A selection of bowls'

Martin Owen
''Under Everything'

Mauro Ganhao
'Selfie Portraits'

Urszula Sobczak
'What lies beneath'

Jasmine Storey
'FEAR = Fuck Everything and Run'

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Urszula Painting

Urszula Painting her final piece
Urszula can be seen here in the process of painting her final piece for the exhibition. It consists of three portraits on one canvas all painted in black and white. Urszula is painting from photographs of killers a very unique subject matter that fascinates her.
You will be able to see the finished painting at the exhibition which starts on the 23rd of June and finishes on the 2nd July 2015 all details of opening times can be found on the blog.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Painting and Editing

So this is our second look at some of the artists at work and today we are taking a look at two video artists and a painter. Our two video artists are Jazz and Lewis, Jazz can be seen working on her film that will be displayed within an instillation. Lewis is doing a light trails stock motion video that will be displayed on a flat screen TV. Mauro can be seen here working on one of his "Selfie" series where he explores in Painting the selfie culture.

Here is a sneak peak of their work
 Jazz working on here video
 Lewis on his mac book
Mauro working on his selfie painting series

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Artists at work

We have all been busy creating our work for the exhibition and i have caught up with 2 other artists to show you some of the work we have been creating. I have received some images of work in progress from Leanne Freeman and Tony Halstead. Freeman has been creating porcelain turned bowls and Halstead has been creating insects from found objects. Their work is diverse and eclectic and i look forward to seeing their creations at the M.U.D exhibition. I have also been working on my ceramic pieces for the exhibition and have recently done some larger batch runs.
William Hughes
Work in progress
"Buried Treasure"

Tony Halstead
Work in progress

Leanne Freeman
Work in progress
Porcelain bowl